Brief about Best Website Designing Company in Delhi

As per the recent survey, Indian Website Designing Companies are given lower preference to other states companies while bidding on a website development project. In Delhi Market, almost 99.99% of the projects are designing & developing in-house in the companies rather than outsource to other agency and this is ultimately affecting their profit margin.

If you’re reading this, you well know today about the need of website for any business. Now in these days, this is very important task is to design a good website for run any organization or business in success way. And the probabilities are that you have been given the task to website designing company to develop new or redesign the old running websites as per modern look.

Common Web Pages Requirements in the Websites:

  1. Logo Designing
  2. Home Page/ Landing page Designing
  3. Company Profile Page
  4. Company History
  5. Team Members
  6. Products/ Services
  7. Gallery
  8. Contact Us/ Enquiry

Website Designing & Software Development services:

  • Development Time: within minimum working Days depending upon requirement.
  • Static/ Dynamic Websites
  • Responsive Websites Designing
  • Full SEO package (with plan and activities)
  • SMO (Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn, You Tube and G+, etc).
  • E-commerce website development
  • Mobile Apps (Android and iOS)
  • Front End: BootStrap, Foundation, Skeleton, HTML5, Responsive
  • Open source: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento
  • Software Development and its integration  to other 3rd party system
  • Provide High Performance Servers ,Unlimited Bandwidth & Unlimited Storage Facility
  • Monthly Backup facility
  • Global IT Support for clients worldwide
  • 24×7 Support via Email/ Chat/ Call

We at N2N Systems, provides Website Designing & Software Development services to our esteemed clients with full dedication  and  delivering quality of products & services and maintain our top level reputation in the IT Market. Please let us for any query.

All Customized Software Development Solutions at Affordable Prices

Complete Software Development Solutions

Complete Software Development Solutions

N2N Systems is a experience and reputable expertise Software Development Company in Delhi, India. Our company is providing reliable & customized software development solutions like School Software, Institute Software, Payroll Software, Time Attendence Software, MLM Software, ERP Software, Jewellery Software, Accounting Software, Inventory Software, Billing Software in Delhi and all over India. We have an expert Software Developers teams, who alawyes try to develop best quality & user-friendly software development services to our client with affordable approach. We are the pioneer solution center for all your software necessities. We work according to client’s requirements and their business objectives. We provide you with customized software at best price in the market.

Customized Software Solutions

Standard software typically do not accomplish to all your business needs. They maybe meet at the most of what you in fact wants why you are adjusting which is not meant for you!!

Customized software development is not an simple task, it is a complex process. Lotof of people think that high-quality technical skills in software development is best for a project’s success. But it is not totally right. However we at integrated software solution understand that success come thorough client needs analysis and requirement, a well-organized development process, expert management, understanding of the most recent technologies, influential communication, and full life-cycle quality assurance. Here are some vital key points for software development process:

Requirements Analysis: Complete requirements gathering, analysis and understanding of customer needs, we can develop a system that you actually want and that can make your business run more smoothly.

Expert Management: Our Expert management team of software development is responsible for projects scheduling, resource, and work task, effective communication with customer. A project plan, progress reports, delivery and charge tracking are all essential within the time frames and budget.

Technical Expertise: Deep knowledge of the running technologies and tools is vital to providing the best solution for customers what precisely they want. We are truthful experts in the development of different Client/Server multi-tier systems, Web applications, and e-Commerce solutions.

Communication and Support: A detailed discussions of all project related issues and necessity with the client make sure that the project will meet the time frames. We know the significance of communication and support with customer ,we too focus to up-to-date on the present status of your project, and giving you with appropriate reports and updates.

Quality Assurance: Quality is too vital factor to the complete software development processes. Our QA team provides a complete life-cycle quality assurance ,testing for every project.We have self-confidence in the quality of our software and we provide 1 year free maintenance and support.

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Our Website Designing & Development with Latest Technologies

Website Designing Development Services

Website Designing Development Services

We forever keep in mind that this is your website or web application and so we endeavor to make it just the way you want it, listening carefully to your ideas and requirements to deliver a highly expert Web application. All the time when website development phase, you are supported by a dedicated project manager. They will provide you with regular progress report of web development and design samples to permit you to get a feel for your developing website or Web application. They are there to support you through every part of the web development process.

Our Expertise for Website Designing & Development

We have expertise in business website designing and website development. For example, lightweight web platforms such as e-commerce web development that mainly use PHP, Magento, Joomla, Drupal etc. We have wide skills for web development on Ecommerce  and this makes it clear to us what would be the best approach to maximize our client’s earnings on investment.

N2N Systems Working Process for Website Development

Before starting any website development project, we require to etch what requirements to be done by using your project scope or by eaisly customer interaction session. Based on their inputs during session, we will carefully analyze and prepare a detailed proposal including all development phases, time and cost calculation. We are commit to make a best solution for client.

Technologies we used

For the website development, technologies are the key player of the development stage. In the development field there are lots of selection for the technologies to be use in web development or software development.

We are enlisting some of technologies which we use for website designing, website development & Software Development

Front end design :

Adobe Photoshop, Adobe flash, Adobe Dreamweaver

Programming :

.Net, Ajax, ASP, java script, CSS, HTML, PHP, VB



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CRM Software Development for a Successful Business

CRM Software Development Solutions

CRM Software Development Solutions

Maintaining strong correlation with clients is no cakewalk. Not everyone can do it and if you do it right, it can set you apart from your challengers and assist you set a base in the marketplace. The act of maintaining strong client relationships is vital for any trades. By being loyal to your clients, you give them suitable reasons to come back to you and increase the word about your services.

N2N Systems, a leading software services company offers CRM software solutions in India. CRM perform as the connecting link amongst your organization and your customers. Cloud CRM Software is a extensive solution that helps an association in growth by compile and maintain the data of the clients most efficiently while capture all pre-sale and post-sale force contacts of the customer. The information is compiled across diverse channels of contact amongst the client and the company. The points of contact could comprise the company website, telephone, live chat, direct mail, marketing materials and social media. Through CRM companies can direct and analyze client interaction and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of renovate business relationship with customers, helped in customer retention and driving sales enlargement. CRM systems can also offer customer-facing staff detailed information on client’s personal information, buying history, buying preferences and concern.

N2N Systems INTACT CRM Software solutions comprises of a pervasive functions that cater to all venture needs for retaining client support and faithfulness, leveraging on the capabilities.

Best CRM Software Development Companies in Delhi, India

CRM Software Development Solutions

CRM Software Development Solutions

Software development companies have well experts & experienced team who are adept in their profession, thus, the quality of the projects delivered by them higher than others. N2N Systems provide 24 X 7 dedicated service – CRM Software development companies deliver on the time services for any queries raised by their customers. Software development companies make sure that not one, but a team of dedicated professionals manages an account and each query is handled with great care.

Cost Effective Prices –

Hiring software development services from software development companies in India make sure your software is cost effective for your organization. As, hiring the services of a software development company make sure that the client saves prices of hiring an in-house IT expert team and most of all it saves a lot of time is needed to manage the IT panel hired by the company.

Absolutely designed web pages, responsive websites, android based mobile apps and software development solutions. Look no further! N2N Systems Solutions, a leading ERP Software Development and CRM Software Development Company in Delhi, India is your perfect choice for all your software development solutions.

Did you Buy a Software Maintenance plan for Your ERP Software yet?

ERP Software Development in Delhi

ERP Software Development in Delhi

Business is all about spending capital and time to get suitable income by taking better decision. To facilitate the business in this process, a company generally makes use of business ERP software or CRM software. These software ensure that they maintain all the departments synced and information moving clear and simple between every levels and departments.

But what is mostly looked over as buying an ERP Software is ERP maintenance or AMC. AMC is looked at by companies as expenses that they require to bear and seem at ways that they can avoid the same. The reason to go for a software maintenance plan is to maintain your software healthy for a long time. Maintenance plans permit you to access upgrades, new release of the software, knowledge resources, troubleshooting guides, and support team.

The major reasons to buying software maintenance plans are as follows:

  • Access latest and greatest :

 Access to product updates, upgrades, service packs, new version releases, minor updates, fixes, and enhancements. Generally these services have no additional charges under a maintenance plan and if the company has not buy the software maintenance plan, they may end up paying a lot more all time they want to make improvements to their software. With a maintenance plan, the ERP vendor himself will inform the company about the maintenance and assist the company through the process.

  • Get speedy Support Whenever necessary :

If you’ve under Maintenance plan, you will get fast support whenever needed during error fixing or any other major issues. The support you receive for the end-users of your software is of huge significance, as timely and knowledgeable resources will stay your questions answered and your software running smoothly.

  • Developed New Features :

Often with altering times, there are developments in the industry model and the company would desire the software to reflect the equally. For this, there are modifications are needed in the software which will be an extra development cost if the company is not on maintenance plan. There is too a problem that the people who had worked with the company before from the vendor’s side are no longer working in the company and hence, the new developers may not know of the history. This strength result in loss of data and too much time and money on the company’s part.

  • Repeated Releases:

Repeated releases to fix small bugs are appropriate over the course of your ERP system’s life. A maintenance plan will address these minor errors, allowing for the software to perform at its optimum level growing your ROI. These were bit of the reasons to spend in a maintenance plan from an ERP vendor. To know about the solution which will help your business grow.

CRM Software is a Propulsion for Successful Business

CRM Software Development in Delhi

CRM Software Development in Delhi

N2N provide best CRM software in Delhi, India. Now days with the inception of Apps and lots of cloud based application, there is a formation of several choices for business application systems. Particularly for small businesses, it is a godsend to get business applications which do not even require to be implemented and can be started with by now making an account; but as the company surmount, they necessitate a additional stationary and forceful application or software to act as a activator for the development story.

A CRM software in this perspective will not be out of style for a extensive time since it is still one of the driving forces for a victorious business. A CRM system is not only purported for handling client inquiries and getting feedback from the clients, but it is too a base for getting a oversize ROI, lack of project whole turnover time, giving imitable customer service, etc.

There was a time when having limited line items and with fewer marketing, organizations were making enormous returns, but now we not just desires to have a superior product range, but too require to have eye catching campaigning of the product and with the facilitate of CRM system you can’t only sustain a excellent relationship with the clients, but too plan marketing campaigns, prioritize customers, provide unparalleled service and chop benefits in terms of repeat business.

In the initial stages of subscribing to a Cloud based CRM Application, the business does not have a lot of clients and even the actions are more banned to advertising and focusing on sales, but as the company acquire a high-quality base of customers, the performance get bigger to customer service, finance, admin, etc. Generally, the management can now not depend on just that one Cloud Software. Here, the company has 2 choices – either buy diverse software and integrate them all or invest in now one software which takes care of all activities.